Mom of the month: Michelle Sebastian, director of Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association

Michelle Sebastian

  • Three daughters, Isabella, 6, Emilia, 3, and Maria, 2; husband, Shawn
  • Downers Grove
  • Managing director of Lakeshore Lacrosse and founding director of Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association

What is it about lacrosse that you think is especially good for girls?

It’s extremely empowering, you have to be in good physical and mental shape. … There’s a great ability for girls to learn from their mistakes, to understand what you are supposed to do, help your team. It’s about being there for your teammates.

What would you do if your girls said they hated lacrosse?

I don’t plan on being “dance mom” for lacrosse. Already they come with me to events and practices. If they hated it, I would be OK with it as long as they are doing something that keeps them physically active and mentally active. I have found in my years of coaching and mentoring youth that old phrase ‘idle hands are the devil’s handiwork’ comes into play. They need to be doing something, not because I’m a crazy parent, it’s because I want them to lead healthy and happy lives. That’s a big part of what we talk about at both Lakeshore and IGLA.

How has lacrosse helped you be a better parent?

The less time you have, you become so much better at time management and using every moment that you have.

Best moment as a parent?

I feel like every time you are in the moment, you feel like this is the best moment ever.

Your favorite out-and-about thing to do with your girls?

I really love it when we go on family walks together. Anything we can do all together. Whenever you can sit back and actually watch your kids having a great time, it’s awesome.

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