Parenting coach Eirene Heidelberger gives Chicago moms more “me” time

  • Three kids, Cole, 9, Grey, 5, and Wells, 15 months. Married to husband, Brian, for 10 years
  • Chicago
  • President and CEO of GIT Mom, a parent coaching firm she says will show you how to teach your children to sleep, listen and respect you so that you can get it together and have more “you” time.

What kind of parent are you?

I am a to-the-point, strong, fun parent. I mean what I say, I say what I mean. … There’s boundaries, there’s fun and there’s a plan. We stick to the plan. They feel very safe and secure with this type of parenting.

What is the most unorganized part of your own life?

The top right drawer in our desk. There are six of us who use the desk/computer area. It starts out all tidy, but with kids coming in and out, my husband and my nanny, eventually we’re going to throw everything back in the drawer. That really bothers me, but I let it go. I know it truly doesn’t matter. I do kind of chuckle when I open up the drawer.

What is the biggest issue new moms tell you they face?

Finding themselves and finding who they are in their new role. Am I my old working self or am I giving up the work thing because now I’m a stay-at-home mom or am I going to do both? And if I am going to do both, how am I going to do both without losing my mind and losing myself? In our culture, there’s so much put on us as mom to do it all. The moms on TV are doing it all, they are happy, shiny, glorified, but that’s not the reality. The true mom, who is in the trenches, is struggling to figure it out. My job is to help them look at what makes them happy.

The worst thing about being a parent:

Patience. It’s nonstop. You just have to find your best tool on how to have it 24/7.

The best thing about being a parent:

The hugs and the love and the smiles and surprise affection. When I know they are at a such a peaceful place in themselves, in the home and with the family.

Best three pieces of advice that you’ve ever received:

Have fun, keep calm and keep yourself together.

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