Mom is thankless in Chicago

The Thanksgiving collection of grammar school artwork was proudly presented to me by my children yesterday. Its contents proved rather revealing. A recap:

Daniel: I am thankful for my life.

Jack: I am thankful for food and water. I am really thankful for school. I am thankful for my awesome new couch. I am thankful for my great friends. I am thankful for plants. I am thankful for the air. But most of all, I am thankful for me.

Joey: I am thankful for dad.

Notice any glaring omissions?

I did.

Crestfallen, I began questioning my impact on these people with whom I had invested so much time, love, and worry. When vegetation, a clearance sectional, and my husband all rated while I didn’t even garner a single mention, I couldn’t help but feel, well, thankless.

Not being one to beat around the bush, I took the issue up with my sons. I started with Joey.

“So what’s with you being thankful for daddy and not mommy, Joey?”

“Um. The teacher said we could only pick one thing.”

“And you selected daddy, huh?”

“Yeah, cuz daddy works so we can have food and a house and stuff.”

“I see. What do you think mommy does?”

“Um. I don’t know. But don’t worry mommy, I still love you. Daddy just gives us money. We need money so we don’t get dead.”

Abandoning my grim little capitalist, I next sidled up to Jack.

“So, Jack. PLANTS. You have plants on your thankful list and not your mom? What’s up with that?”

“Mom, I put plants on there because without them, there is no life on Earth. And I wanted to keep you alive because I love you so very much, mommy.”

Jack then flashed a dimpled smile and skipped away. No doubt to pursue his career as a used car salesman.

Undeterred, I went to find Daniel, but he was ready for me.

Or rather, he was already out the door and at his friend’s house before I could pull some major mother guilt.

While I might not make their lists this year, these boys who provide so much fodder and laughter will always be tops on my list.

Even before the plants.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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