5 Lake County spots to amp up your mom’s night out

Moms, you need a night out. Gather up your girlfriends and head out to one of these five spots in Lake County for a much deserved Mom’s Night Out. They’re definitely better than yoga pants and wine on the back deck.

Eat dessert

Let’s be honest, heading out for dinner is just hard. You still have to plan and possibly prep dinner for everyone else, maybe even do bedtime, also. When you get to the restaurant you are starving and fill up on the bread basket as soon as it’s placed in front of you. So skip the stress and plan on meeting the ladies after dinner at The Chocolate Sanctuary. As the name implies, this is a restaurant where chocolate reigns. Everything from the drinks and appetizers, to the desserts, have tastes of or are infused with the rich dark goodness that is chocolate.

Get a chocolate mojito and ask for the dessert menu. You can go all out and have a chocolate fountain brought to the table for fondue or sample a huge array of desserts, from flourless chocolate cake to a s’more creation that includes candied bacon. If you’re still feeling guilty about skipping bedtime, there is a full chocolate bar where you can choose exquisite chocolates, both imported and made in house, to bring home as a peace offering.

Drink up

Keep the wine but lose the yoga pants. Head to Nirvana Wine and Grillerie where you can sample from over 100 unique and small batch wines. Get a glass or a flight, and you can even take a bottle to go! They also offer special wine tasting events, classes and more. Follow them on Facebook to find out about events. I hear the food is great, too.

Move it

Whirly Ball is not just for corporate events and birthday parties! We had a mom’s night out there as a send-off to summer and it was some of the most fun I have ever had! Forget passive-aggressiveness. Where else can you take out your aggressions in a physical way? If bumper cars for grown-ups isn’t your thing, there is also laser tag, which is a great workout as you run around in the dark! Also, unlike a birthday party, you can drink!

Go climbing

There are several locations around the county to try this. I’ve personally done it at the Libertyville Sports Complex. You can book a climbing wall or mountain for a hour or two and have a great workout. Challenge your friends to see who can go the highest. Rentals come with an instructor to help and spot, and when divided among everyone its usually pretty affordable fun. Just agree on what type of pictures you will share on social media before suiting up. Climbing harnesses are not flattering!

Get Wet

Honestly, you may have been to the beach 300 times already, but have you really relaxed and enjoyed yourself? Probably not. Head back without kids and make it fun! Grayslake Park District offers one day standing paddle board classes. You take off from the lovely Jones Island Beach and spend two hours getting instructions. All you need is swimwear, they provide the board and paddle.

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