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Cookies, fudge and snack mix may all be on your family’s list of holiday favorites. If you’re like most families this holiday season, however, you’re looking for something that tastes great, looks festive, whips up fast and is easy on the pocketbook.

Whether you’re gearing up to bring holiday treats to your child’s classroom, looking for a special snack to drop off at a neighbor’s home or trying to find a fun activity for your family open house, you’ll find what you’re looking for with these Mini-Holiday Homes.

Made with pre-packaged snack cakes, store-bought icing and candy sprinkles, these simple sweets can be packaged as individual treats, arranged on a tray or offered as a make-it-yourself snack at a holiday party.

You’ll need:

• Chocolate-covered snack cakes (usually available in boxes of 10, which will produce six mini-houses).

• A jar of white cake icing (avoid whipped types).

• Various cookie sprinkles or candies (mini-marshmallows, gum drops and red hots work well).

• Ziploc baggie (for creating a homemade icing bag).


Cut one cake square on a diagonal to make a triangle roof shape. Add icing to the cake side of the roof and stack on top of a whole cake square to complete the house shape.

Then fill a baggie with icing, squeezing the icing into one corner of the baggie. Twist the back of the baggie closed and make a small snip at the end of the baggie to produce a homemade icing decorator bag.

Squeeze icing out of a snipped hole in the baggie to create trim on your mini-house and add doors and windows. Put gumdrops or mini-marshmallows in place to create a chimney on the roof. Let icing dry before placing homes in bags.

Make it an activity. Let kids create their own"home sweet home” by creating a make-your-own station. Stack cake squares on one plate, rooftops on another and offer icing bags and candy sprinkles at the end of the table for final touches.

Place finished homes in clear baggies and tie with a ribbon and name tag. This is a great favor for kids to take home and enjoy.

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