5 books to help remind kids about mindfulness

Yoga, breathing, counting to four and even writing in a journal are all ways that kids can learn to be mindful. Publishers are keeping young readers and mindfulness in mind as they offer a few new books that remind kids different ways to think of themselves, the Earth and those around them. 

A Stone Sat Still, by Brendan Wenzel

Ages: 3-5

From the writer of They All Saw a Cat comes another book about perspective. This one serves as an understanding of how a solid, unmoving object can be different things to different creatures. It ends with a question to think of such a place in your own life. 

Breathing Makes It Better, by Christopher Willard & Wendy O’Leary

Ages: 3-6

With mantras and reminders of when it can be hard to be yourself – when you feel stress about school work, or bigger kids, or uncomfortable situations – the book teaches kids that sometimes all they need is a breath. There are also exercises about different kinds of breathing to try and slowing down your mind to breathe. 

Bad Day, by Ruby Roth

Ages: 3-7

A bumpy car ride, a lumpy sock, a lost spoon and a yell-y teacher are enough to spark a bad day in anyone. For our hero, he has to learn which feelings to feel and is it a bad day or can he make it good. Learning and discovering feelings is a first step toward mindfulness, as is the discovery of turning a frown upside down. 

Who Wet My Pants, by Bob Shea

Ages: 4-8

Nope. This isn’t a potty training book. The mindfulness message might be a little hidden behind the humor of a bear with a wet bottom, but remaining kind to friends even in their darkest, embarrassing hour is all about mindfulness, too. Empathy for yourself and others is a key to mindfulness, and pants wetting is a funny, perfect example.

I Am Love, A Book of Compassion, by Susan Verde

Ages: 4-8

In a book that describes what love is – being present, comfort, gentle – included is a testament to taking care of me. To help others, we also have to understand ourselves, the book says, and includes yoga poses to help open the heart.

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