Mindful Hugs

Awhile back I decided I needed a trigger, something that would remind me to let go of my schedule and worries so I could be more present.

Mindfulness is always one of my aspirations; especially when I’m with my girls.

But so often the days fly by and I can’t tell one day from another…..I definitely needed a reminder, something action-oriented.

So I chose one of my favorite activities – hugs. Morning, night or anytime during the day I would hug my girls and just hang there – reminding myself to breath, slow down and really be present.

In these moments I was fully conscious of their age, their voice, their smell….all of the wonderful things about them.

It felt like being transported to their world because children live in the present. They don’t linger in the past and incessantly ponder the future. They live right now, which makes it easy for them to realize when we are mentally somewhere else.

Being mentally busy is often necessary – we need to take care of ourselves, our work, and our daily life.

But every once in awhile it’s nice to quiet the mindless chatter and just be in the moment – because really, that’s what life is – this moment.

And as I read my Mother’s Day cards last Sunday, I realized that some of my best moments had been really appreciated.

Mommy, I love our hugs….

Thanks for the hugs….

I love it when Mommy hugs me….

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