Chicago microfashion stars and the moms who love them

I’m about to introduce you to a little thing called microfashion, which is the phenomena when a child dresses better than 95 percent of the adult population. Could those good fashion genes be hereditary? My hypothesis is that if parents pass on their eye color and signature dance moves, some can definitely also pass down their eye for what’s fashionable. Lucky kids.

To sort out the facts from the fashion faux pas, I recruited Chicago mommy experts at balancing in heels to weigh in on the growing number of children in skinny pants and puffy vests.

Exhibit A.

Corri McFadden

and her one-year-old daughter, Zelda, of

Glitter and Bubbles


Do you think good style is formed in utero or learned?

CM: Definitely a bit of both! If you look to famed fashionable families, like the Laurens or the Hearsts, you see a resemblance in style from generation to generation. Growing up, we turn to our mothers for advice, help, and of course, fashion! It is up to our littles whether they take that sense of style and run with it or develop their own.

As for learning, fashion can be learned. As for style, that is something we determine ourselves. At a younger age, my style was completely different than the style I have curated and built for myself at this age, especially now with Zelda.

Zelda is totally micro-fashionable. How would you describe her style?

CM: I would define Zelda’s style as rocker-chic with surprises of very girly textures here and there. I love to put her in more gender neutral colors like grey and black but can’t help a powder blue Marc Jacob dress with little doggies … she is only one. The transition from baby to walking toddler has greatly affected her shoe game (we have become Doc Martin addicts) and skirts can now be worn comfortably – who doesn’t love a leather mini?!

Where do you get baby fashion inspiration?

CM: Some of my biggest inspiration comes from the brands I love dressing Zelda in. I continuously go back to the websites of AKid, Milk & Soda, Peek, OMAMImini, Little Edge Threads and Joyfolie to get new outfit inspiration for Zelda or to find ways I can style pieces I currently have. Instagram is also a fun way to get inspired! A few of my favorites to follow include @ScoutFashion, @TaylensMom and @Foreverandforava.

Exhibit B.

Kristin Cavallari

and her little crew: Camden, Jaxon and Saylor.

Congratulations on the arrival of baby Saylor! Are you excited to finally get to pick out clothing for a little girl?

KC: Absolutely! It will be a nice change from the two boys.

What are your favorite clothing pieces to dress the boys in?

KC: They both have a pair of camo sweatpants that they wear often and love, but that’s about it! I usually pair them with a solid color shirt, like white or navy blue. The boys dress for comfort more than anything, which means tons of sweatpants and t-shirts from American Apparel and Baby Gap.

Do they still let you dress them, or do they put up a fight for their socks with sandals complete with a Spidey mask?

KC: They let me dress them most of the time, but Camden gets very opinionated periodically. He has a baseball tee that he loves wearing to school. He also gets picky about which shoes he wears.

What about dad, does he make fashionable choices for the kids?

KC: Jay pretty much dresses them in head-to-toe Nike!

Where do you get baby fashion inspiration?

KC: I haven’t even considered fashion for the boys but that’s why I’m so excited to have a little girl to be able to really have fun with her outfits!

Corri and Kristin definitely have the evidence piling up in support of my hypothesis. A child must hit the rare genetic jackpot given to a select few in utero, but good fashion can be hereditary. For the rest of us, there are mom entrepreneurs that have amazing businesses with the sole purpose of making our micros more fashionable.

Monica and Andy

If you’re like the millions of Americans who could use a little fashion inspiration for your little ones, you have to stop in M+A’s at 2038 North Halsted. Started by mom Monica Royer, newborns to six-year-olds are set up even before birth–you’ll want to check out their organic Cuddle Boxes, stat.

Mac and Mia

It’s like a subscription service, only not. Marie Tillman employs mommy stylists who chat with you about your event or styling needs. They’ll gather your ideas while you sit at home in your jammies. You’ll get a box of rad clothes, pay for what you keep and send the rest back in a pre-paid envelope.

The Little Style Files

Skip to the part where someone comes over and styles your kids for you. Think of these mamas as your fairy Godmothers. They are your personal shoppers and stylists for any upcoming magical event on your calendar … or just because.

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