Hook, line and sinker for an AquaMermaid party


Everyone and their tiny, twirling sister has had a “real” princess, superhero or clown at their party; how many people can boast the same of a mermaid? Enter AquaMermaid, one of the coolest companies on our recent radar, who provides not only a beauty of the sea, but the chance to swim with (and like!) mermaids as well.


A trio of beautiful mermaids


The premise is magnificent–and couldn’t be easier for event planning. Bigger kids (and overly excited Mamas, ahem) can make use of a swimmable mermaid tail during classes or parties. Younger kids? They get to practice their best Ariel impression with costume tails on dry land, sing and trade stories with their new mermaid pals, and then join them in the pool for swim time and a chance to witness the best mermaid techniques in all the seven seas. (Looking for an incredibly memorable bachelorette party idea? Trade your sashes for some tails, because AquaMermaid hosts those, too.)


I’ve long loved all things aquatic and fantastical, so when we were invited to come splash and play, it was hard to say whether the girls or I were most excited. And since October is Birthday Month in this household (and since Nora and Suzy recently decided that shared parties were pretty cool, praise to all that’s good n’ sparkly), they each invited a few friends (and their delighted/intrigued parents) for a fin-tastic party.


It took a good half an hour for the group to actually get swimming, since the girls were so entranced by “Mermaid Heidi” and the shimmery tails she helped them model. The photo ops were downright adorable, and the laughing cluster of parent paparazzi was almost as picture-worthy as the kids. Once in the water, however, Mermaids Hailey and Gabrielle splashed and swam with the girls, getting them good and ready for an early bedtime. (I can’t thank you enough, Mermaids Hailey and Gabrielle.)


Insofar as experiences go, partying with AquaMermaid was the cutest, sweetest and easily most memorable way to celebrate the girls’ fifth and seventh birthdays. The company was so great to work with, and did an exceptional job of making my daughters and their pals feel like (mermaid) princesses for the day. Maybe almost too good:


Suzy says she plans on seeing them again tomorrow.


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