Memories of Santa

Our family loves all of Santa’s helpers. Rudolph’s days may be numbered, though, as Santa had to write a note that Rudolph stepped on one of the boxes and that’s why it was so crushed. He did better last year, though, and Santa wrote us a note about that also. We just love how Santa communicates with us here!

Rebecca Kirtland

When I was little we always went to my mother’s family’s for Christmas Eve and Santa would come to visit after dinner. One year, my brother, who was the oldest of us five kids, noticed a very close resemblance between the shoes our Uncle Tony was wearing … I think that was the beginning of the end for us …

Therese Cormack

Every Christmas Eve as a child we went to my great aunt and uncle’s house. My great uncle has dressed up as Santa for years. Our family loves to talk about when my cousin realized his grandfather dressed up as Santa every year. He is 13 now but for the last few years, he honestly thought his grandfather was the real Santa and his day job was a cover up and their vacation home in Wisconsin was the workshop. I laugh just thinking about it.

ILona Vida

One of our favorite Santa stories is when my 5-year-old (now 8 years old) made a list of gifts that he wanted Santa to get him. He opened all his presents and was very happy but there was one big present that was waiting for him. He opened it and after seeing what it was he got upset and said that Santa didn’t read his list very well …. he never asked for a mini hockey table!

Joy Pipilas

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