Mason jar meals

One of the emerging trends in the Pinterest and the blogosphere would have to be Mason jars. More specifically, how you use Mason jars to plan meals or serve food. I haven’t yet tried some of these myself, but I know friends that have and find it successful for a few different reasons.

1. Easy-to-prepare dinners

Quick layered dinners can provide variety and nutritious ingredients without the work of preparing them on a hectic night. Prepare a bunch of Mason jar meals ahead of time and then you’ll have them ready at the helm when you need them.

2. Nutritious

One of the most popular ways to use the Mason jars for meals is with salads. The layering keeps your lettuce from getting wilted and you get fresh ingredients that you can simply dump into a bowl for lunch. No need to keep separate bags of veggies in your fridge. Simply take and go!

3. Serving baked goods

What a fun way to dress up a party than to choose jars that are small enough for guests to hold and carry? Consider this fun recipe for banana bread or this adorable rainbow cake.

4. Gift ideas

Prepare something handmade that the recipient can later enjoy themselves, such as ingredients for a great batch of cookies.I’ve made these in the past and they are a HUGE hit!

If you’re looking for a just a few general pins for jar recipes, you can check out this list, which includes corn dogs, pesto pasta, or even just to plan ahead.

Have you gotten involved in the Mason jar food trend? I’d love to hear how you’ve used the jars and whether or not it works for you. Check out our boards here: Samantha & Chicago Parent.

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