Join us for some frozen fun

Our New Year’s resolution is to strengthen our connection with you, our wonderful readers. Which means that we need to start hanging out, and not just on social media. One of our first efforts at building the Chicago Parent community is a super fun, super colorful community art project.

Create Your Own

Make your own balloons:
  • Fill any size balloons with water and food coloring
  • Leave outside to freeze but avoid decks or sidewalks as the
    color may stain
  • Then on Jan. 19 put the balloons in a cooler, pack a pair
    of dark gloves (so the colors won’t stain them) and scissors and
    join us at Mills Park
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  • The longer the balloon has to freeze, the better
  • Put the food coloring in the balloon before filling the balloon
    with water
  • Put the opening of the balloon up to the faucet to make it
    stretch BIG
  • Be careful of leaks and balloons popping, causing stains on
    clothing. Wear a smock or clothing you don’t mind getting
  • Be generous with the food coloring. The original post where we
    got this idea recommended 15-20 drops per balloon.
  • If the coloring isn’t even through your frozen marbles, that’s
    okay! When the sun shines through it will look even prettier.

Join us on Jan. 19 at Mills Park in Oak Park’s Historic Pleasant District to be a part of something big. You’ve probably seen the image if you’re on Pinterest of a dozen colorful frozen marbles sitting in the snow. We’re hoping to cover Mills Park in these awesome creations.

A few days before the event, create your own frozen marbles byfilling any size balloons with water and food coloring, and leave outside to freeze. Then on Jan. 19 put the balloons in a cooler, pack a pair of dark gloves and scissors and head over to Mills Park to place your frozen yard art with loads of other folks’. Then we will stack, roll our art, place in random places and take pictures with our community creation.

Pleasant Home will be open during the event as a warming station and you can sip complimentary hot chocolate as your family admires their work.

This is just the first in a series of Big Fun! events we’ll be hosting in 2013 and we’re so excited for the opportunity to spend more time with our readers. We hope to see you there!

TO RSVP and get more info visit our invitation on Evite!

Eventbrite - CP Big Fun! in 2013: Don't Lose Your Marbles

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