Making Those Safety Videos Not Boring

Every flight starts the same way: With the flight attendants carefully walking passengers through the critically important safety features of the airplane while absolutely no one listens.

I’m on an average of five planes a month. I listen to the safety chat every six months or so. Maybe.

Does that mean I’ll have a problem in the unlikely event of a water landing? Maybe. It’s more likely I’ll have a problem because I’m not good in emergencies. Don’t tell my fellow passengers the next time I’m seated in an emergency exit row.

When am I (and the other passengers) most likely to listen to the safety lecture? When it’s delivered in a whole new way. Like that rapping flight attendant for Southwest Airlines who was a YouTube sensation a while back.

Now there’s a new one that will entertain kids as well as adults.

It’s an animated video presentation hosted by Ed O’Neill from “Modern Family” and Melanie Lynskey from “Two and a Half Men” and it has enough cameos to get adults to pay attention again on the return flight.

Unfortunately, this video runs on Air New Zealand, so the chances of us seeing it anywhere other than on YouTube are rather small unless, of course, you’re the lucky winner of the carrier’s contest to win a trip around the world. Win by spotting five celebrities on the video and filling out the entry here.

Here’s the video.

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