Summer satchel

Turn a plain canvas backpack into a fun summer craft.


Buy a plain canvas drawstring backpack and decorate with iron-onappliques. Spell out your child’s name and decorate with a funtheme (such as flowers or sports). To attach the appliques, peelone off and place on the fabric. Cover the appliques with a thinpress cloth or towel and apply a hot iron in 30-second increments.Repeat until the appliques are securely attached.

Once the appliques have set to the fabric, turn the backpackover, slide the iron inside and apply to the backside to seal theappliques. Be patient with this process because it can take a whilefor the iron-on appliques to attach completely. If you want to skipthis step, use fabric markers to decorate the backpack instead.

Once you have your summer journal satchel ready to go, stock itwith the necessary supplies. Include a blank, bound journal andcolored markers or pencils. Provide a disposable camera so kids cancapture images to add a visual element to their journalentries.

Then throw in some extras to keep the journaling process fun.Options include summer or vacation-themed stickers, stamps and anink pad, and a glue stick. Provide plain paper bags or envelopes sokids can collect and store mementos from their summer experiences(like dried flowers, ticket stubs or cool postcards). The bag orenvelope can be glued right onto a page of the journal.

Add personalized items based on your child’s interests. When youpresent your children with a summer journal satchel, challenge themto take 10 minutes each day to record their fabulous summeradventures in this special journal.


  • Canvas drawstring backpack
  • Iron-on letters and embellishments or fabric markers
  • Iron (to be used by adults or older children only)
  • Blank journal
  • Colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • Disposable camera
  • Paper lunch bags or envelopes for storing items
  • Glue sticks
  • Decorative stickers or scrapbooking supplies
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