Make potty talk a page turner with Flattenme books

Poop and pee-pee.

Who knew that once we became parents, conversations about politics and global warming would take a backseat to topics surrounding more basic bodily functions?

I sure didn’t. But once my oldest was born, I talked more about the color, shape and size of his daily deposits than anything else. Now that my youngest is old enough to sit on the pot, it hasn’t exactly tapered off. Just changed and branched out into the idea of potty training.

She’s excited. She’s into the idea of the potty. She knows what’s supposed to go in it. She even thinks flushing is super cool.

But alas and alack, the actual event – sitting and going – escapes her yet.

That’s ok though. In the meantime, we’re reading “Potty Dance” from Flattenme. Not only does it stress the idea of commode-use, but intertwines an offbeat adventure with themes from around the world, which appeals to a globetrotter like me.

Featured everywhere from Good Morning America to the Today Show to The View, Flattenme allows parents to create high-quality hardcover 8×10 personalized storybooks in about five minutes with their child acting as the star in 6 different titles featuring everything from pirates to fairies to monsters for ages 2-4 and 4-7.

Each book is even available in a range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish, Italian and Dutch, providing extra enrichment opportunities for parents looking to work the family heritage angle into their daily routines.

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