Make a kite

SuppliesTwo 6mm wooden dowel rods (36 inches)Wood or craft glueOne large sheet of strong paper (40 inches by 40 inches or more)One roll of kite or nylon stringScotch tapeMarkers, crayons or paintRibbon

The windy city is a great place for kite flying, but what’s the fun in buying a kite when making your own is so much better.

Make a cross using the two dowel rods. To give the kite more stability, use a little dab of craft or wood glue between the rods before you begin tying them together. Use your kite string to tie the rods together, we used the"God’s eye” approach, but any type of knot should work.

Once your cross is set, use your yardstick to trace the kite’s dimensions on your big sheet of paper. After the dimensions have been drawn, put your yardstick outside the line and trace the outside of the yardstick. This will give you an inch of extra paper, which you will fold over later.

Using a sharp knife over a cutting board, carefully cut the outside line of the kite. Decorate the other side of your kite. We made the mistake of decorating after we made the kite, which proved to be quite difficult.

Cut a notch on each of the rods, about a half inch in, to help hold your string in place. Starting at the top, tie a knot around each of the rods. Cut a 90-degree triangle at the four corners of the kite so you will be able to fold the tabs over. Fold the tabs over the kite string and tape. We also found it helpful to place two pieces of tape at the ends of the rods to hold everything together.

Loop a long piece of string to each end of the rods and tie a knot. You will gather the four strings and tie them in the middle. Make sure to leave enough slack in the strings. Attach the spool of kite string to the gathered knot. The spool will become the end you hold. Don’t forget to make a tail for your kite. We braided crape ribbon, but any kind will do.

Use the windy day to your advantage and soar to new heights.

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