Major reform passes Congress

Short stuff: Recall roundup

Baby and kids’ products will likely be held to a higher safety standard thanks to a new bill that recently passed the Senate.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act of 2008 is a far-reaching bill that will require mandatory safety standards for cribs, strollers, high chairs and other infant and toddler products.

While the Senate and House bills will now have to be reconciled, both contain important safeguards for children. In addition to the infant and toddler product standards, both increase funding for CPSC and ban lead in children’s products. Visit for updates.

Recent recalls include:

Wendy Bellissimo Hidden Hills Collection drop-side cribs by Bassettbaby are unsafe because the spindles could loosen, creating an entrapment and strangulation hazard.

Majestic curved top and flat top cribs, Essex cribs, Brighton/Sussex cribs and Captiva cribs by Munire Furniture fail to meet federal standards.

Remote-controlled helicopter toys by Soft Air USA have a rechargeable battery that can catch fire during charging.

Karl Kani boys’ fleece hooded sweatshirts by Siegfried& Parzifal and girls’ hooded sweatshirts by Rebelette International Trading Corp. have a drawstring that poses a strangulation hazard.

Cinderella 12-volt electric ride-on vehicles by Dumar International USA pose a fire and burn hazard because wires can short-circuit.

Spiderman water bottles by Fast Forward LLC pose a choking hazard because screws under the bottle’s lid can loosen.

Magnetic dart boards by Family Dollar contain small magnets at the ends of the darts which, if swallowed, can cause serious internal injuries.

Lamb grabby rattles by Infantino LLC have a tail piece on the rattles that can detach, posing a choking hazard.

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration recalled various models of Signo and Como car seats by Recaro for not conforming to federal standards. There was also a recall of various models of Centre, Centre ARB and Shuttle car seats by Combi International. For more information visit

Recent recalls for lead:

Children’s table and chair sets by Netshops.

A Life of Faith charm bracelet sets by Mission City Press.

Memory testing cards (sold as part of educational testing kits) by Riverside Publishing Co.

Children’s metal necklaces by Pecoware Co.

To report a problem with a product or to see the complete list of recalls, visit

Sarah Chusid, program directorKids in Danger 

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