Magical Multicultural Sinbad at Adventure Stage Theatre

We had the great pleasure of checking out the opening performance ofSinbad: The Untold Tale. The production was a multicultural feast, skillfully combining acting and puppetry styles from many lands, and a cast that hails from around the globe. We particularly loved the illusions based on Japanese Koken work, which comes from traditional Kabuki theater. People (characters and stage hands) all dressed in black in front of a black background so we don’t “see” them as they transform sticks into swords, or fly around on a carpet. In fact, all of the actors were on stage for almost the whole show, either as characters or black clad magic makers.

Our favorite scenes were the fabulously fun stage combat scenes, especially the clash of the genies. The fight scenes were uniquely choreographed, and took the characters through an exciting array of hand to hand, staffs and sword fighting. Effective use of props made comic bookesque metallic energy bursts and streams visible through expert illusions. We even wholeheartedly believed the illusion, as a life sized genie was pulled into a tiny bottle and imprisoned.

It was especially excellent to see a show with such a rockin’ female co-lead. Sinbad’s daughter, Ittifaq is no princess in a coma or fairy tale girl, sitting home waiting to be rescued. She takes an active part in the adventures and is truly her daddy’s girl. Sure she needed a bit of saving, when she fell for a trap, but turned right around and rescued her rescuer.

We’re big fans of literature based productions, butAdventure Stage took the classic, tried and true Aladdin and Arabian Nights tales to the next level, with their U.S. premier of Charles Way’sSinbad: The Untold Tale.

**Note: Recommended for ages 9 and up (4th thru 8th grades).
Children under age 5 are not permitted in the theater.

SINBAD: THE UNTOLD TALE cast includes Esteban Cruz (Abu Nuwas), Dana Dajani (Ittifaq), Adam El-Sharkawi (Sinbad the Sailor), Mildred Langford (Jan Shah), Mike Ooi (Silent Genie)andEdgar Sanchez(Sinbad the Porter).

In the post show Q & A, all the actors had a chance to tell the audience where they were originally from, and there were an impressive array of countries represented, and none repeated. The actors also shared when they began acting, and my kids were particularly impress that half the cast caught the theatre bug as early as kindergarten!

“Filled with magical moments, thrilling combat and awe-inspiring special effects” Centerstage Chicago

Ittifaq, the pampered daughter of famed sailor Sinbad of the Seven Seas, bristles under her father’s overprotective care and longs for an adventure of her own. Young Sinbad, an orphaned porter, lives on the streets and relies on his clever wit to survive. The two meet by chance just before a bitter sorceress casts a poison cloud over the city of Baghdad. The unlikely duo soon find themselves facing good and evil genies, daring swordfights, magic boats and flying carpets. But can Sinbad and Ittifaq defeat the sorceress in time, or will their beloved city be destroyed forever?

U.S. Premiere


Written by Charles Way
Directed by Amanda Delheimer

March 19 – April 16, 2011
Education Matinees
Weekdays: 10:30 a.m.
April 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15

For more information about booking school groups and our Second Show Discount, click here .
Tickets for these shows may be purchased by the general public, however, they are not available on-line. Please call 773.342.4141 to buy.

Family Matinees
Saturdays 2:00 p.m.

April 9(Performance is part of ASC’s Spring Fling )
April 16
Special Evening Performance: Friday April 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Learning Guide
Our Education Department produces a Learning Guide for all of our productions. This text is FULL of fun background information about the show, pre-show and post-show discussion questions, as well as art and language activities. While we primarily make it for our educators, we think parents should check it out as well. Click here to join the fun!

About the Playwright:
Charles Way has written over forty plays, many of them for young people, includingSleeping Beauty,The Search for Odysseus (produced by Adventure Stage Chicago in 2007) andA Spell of Cold Weather, all of which were nominated as Best Children’s Play by the Writers Guild of Great Britain. His playMerlin and the Cave of Dreams was nominated for a Helen Hayes award for Outstanding New Play.

He has recently published the book collectionClassic Fairytales Retold for the Stage. Mr. Way’s playRed Red Shoes was named 2004’s Best Play for Young People by the Arts Council of England. His plays for adults include a well-known version of Bruce Chatwin’sOn the Black Hill and an adaptation ofIndependent People by Halldor Laxness. Recent new plays includeStill Life andThe Long Way Home.

See Sinbad the sailor and Sinbad the porter and expand your horizons!

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