Stop whatever you’re doing and write a Valentine for the patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago

Drop whatever you’re doing right now and take less than a minute to actually do something special for someone on Valentine’s Day. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago is collecting Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to all of its little patients and to decorate the walls of the hospital with some caring messages.

This is a no-brainer. Visit its website, pick out the card design you like (we’re preferential to “You’re otter this world,” because well, otters!) and then write a quick message. Are you still reading this and not submitting cards yet? Seriously?! OK, you can have one piece of chocolate for each card you write. Lurie has a goal of collecting 10,000 messages, so pass this around.

Bonus assignment: Get the whole gang involved, have everyone in the family write a message. Or better still, start a poem and have everyone contribute one line to it. And no phoning it in, your message to these kids better be legit.

Here’s our message

Rose are red, violets are blue. You're surrounded by doctors and nurses watching you every time you say "ah-choo."All you want to do is get out to go play in the snow. But those doctors and nurses - plus mom or dad - keep telling you "No."So lie back and relax, we know you'll get better soon. We hope our little note made you smile this afternoon.*Small side note, you can only send 255 characters of caring per message, so plan accordingly.
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