Readers Respond: How do I love thee?

It’s that time of year again, and Chicago Parent readers really know how to show their kids some love on Valentine’s Day. Here are some great ideas to borrow for your own family. Share your own below! “We make the whole day red and have heart-shaped food. We do heart-shaped pancakes and then for dinner we make individual heart-shaped pizzas that the kids love to make by themselves.” -Vikki Moeller “Every year I write a letter to my son that tells him the top 10 reasons why I love him. He’s only 2 now, but I have a feeling he’ll get a real kick out of them when I bring them all out as he gets older. This year he also has a new baby brother or sister on the way, so I’ll also write one to him or her and let him help me.” -Jamie McBain “This year I’m taking my boys on a ‘date.’ I am going to have them dress nice and take them out to dinner and a movie.” -Machelle Anderson “In the days just before Valentine’s Day, I am going to have my preschooler make a list of all the people who love her and whom she loves. I hope to make her visualize what a long list it truly is! Afterwards, we can send Valentine’s Day cards to everyone on her list.” -Penny Pierce “We have a red theme for dinner, such as spaghetti and meatballs, light the candles and end with mini-chocolate souffles for dessert. Each child gets a new book as a present with a love or caring theme, and we cuddle and read before bedtime.” -Deanna Amann “I will show my two daughters love this Valentine’s Day by doing what I do every day: being mom. Hugging and kissing them before they go to bed, putting Band-Aids on scraped knees, or consoling them when they need it. I hope they know I love them every day, no matter what special holiday it is.” -Nicole Chojnacki

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