Looking for inspiration? These are a few of my favorite things…..

Sometimes it’s the little things and the simple steps that make a year great.

These are a few of my favorite things…..things that offer me inspiration and enjoyment as I head into 2011….

Pagatim.fm Radio Station

OK, this is a little bit of self promotion since my husband and I have a radio show on their station (www.zenparentingradio.com). But I loved Pagatim even before I joined their team. I listened to Parenting Unplugged, their flagship show, most of last year and their discussions and guests continue to get better and better. This station has something for everybody – a show about meditation, a show for single parents, a show for dads, a show for parents who want to spend more time outdoors with their children, even a show about transforming diabetes….it’s a one-stop shop for inspiration.

The Smallest Sparrow Blogspot

My friend Erin McCarthy from Chicago writes this blog and it’s beautiful – the writing, the photography, not to mention her amazing creations. She is a crafter, quilter, designer, and artist….this girl defines the word creative. In her blog she explains how she puts her projects together (with emotion and humor) and she actually makes me think I can do the same thing…..it’s a must see for everybody, especially you crafty people.

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

Don’t have time to read a whole personal growth book? Just read a page or two everyday and feel inspired! My friend Lara gave me this book for Christmas and I have enjoyed it so much. Every night I read the passage for the day and really contemplate the meaning and how it relates to my life. It’s a great way to end the day….

John Mayer’s Music

I know – he was a total jerk last year. He didn’t do so well in the relationship department and his tweets and interviews were ridiculous. But come on, the guy is way too talented to fade away. I have decided to send him positive energy – he’s young and he’s learning, and unfortunately he is learning in front of all of us. His music inspires me, mostly because I love his lyrics – he’s full of emotion and truth. If you don’t believe me, just listen to Continuum again. If you are really mad at him, download his version of Free Fallin from iTunes….it might help you forgive.

Annie Burnside, Soul to Soul Perspective, Chicago Now Blog

My friend Annie is the author of Soul to Soul Parenting and her blog is a continuation of her experiences and observations. She writes with confidence and humor and she communicates honestly about her spirituality. I especially love when she writes about the mind/body connection….her latest blog is a must read.

OWN – The Oprah Winfrey Network

An entire network dedicated to our highest selves – what an inspired idea! So far I have really enjoyed Master Class (a series profiling great performers and experts) – I love hearing their stories and their tips for successful living. It’s just nice to have another option, a channel that doesn’t focus on people yelling at each other or killing each other.

Spirituality and Health Magazine

I get a lot of magazines delivered to my house, but this one is my favorite. Some of it is out there, but most of it makes me feel good. People and Us can be fun, but sometimes they leave me feeling anxious and deflated. It’s nice to read a magazine that views the world optimistically. If you check it out, make sure you read Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s Q&A column…..he does a fantastic job explaining faith, spirit, and the entire human experience in a relatable and down to earth way.

Happy 2011 my friends!

What inspires you? Feel free to comment…..

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