9 people who admit they should have listened to their mother

Mothers. We all have them. Sometimes we listen to them. Sometimes we don’t. There’s no denying, though, the impact they have on our lives.

Chicago’s 4th annual Listen To Your Mother Show

  • Athenaeum Theatre
  • 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago
  • Tickets available online at athenaeumtheatre.org, by phone at (773) 935-6875 or in person at the box office.
  • 10 percent of ticket proceeds benefit The Red Pump Project, a nonprofit organization raising awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and girls.


On May 3, 12 Chicago people will take the Athenaeum Theatre stage for the fourth annual Listen to Your Mother Show to talk motherhood. Expect laughs. Even a few tears.

Here are nine of the folks who have good reasons for why they should have listened to their mothers.

My mom always said, “Clean as you go!” When I was younger I thought that slowed things down, but after years of cleaning up huge messes AFTER a recipe or project, I finally started doing it her way. Oops. She was right!

Melisa Wells

I wish I listened to my mother during her pregnancy with me. I was born three weeks after my due date. Now I’m late for everything.

David Slattery

As a toddler I wanted a purple house, she did not, but I set out to color the white aluminum siding of our house with a purple crayon anyway. I got one crayon tip width around the whole house before I gave up.

Stephanie Kush

“Put on some lipstick.

You need more blush,” my mom always said. I ignored her until I bumped into Rod Stewart on the street in New Orleans and realized he was prettier than me!

Kathleen Buckley

I wished I had listen to my mother when she told me not to get credit cards as a college student. What was I thinking?

Lyletta Robinson

I wish I would have listened to my mother when she said, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Such a true statement—the way we say something can really affect the way people not only hear us, but understand us and relate to us.

Patti Minglin

When I had to go on a trip and leave my 8-month-old at home, my mom said, “Don’t worry, have fun and don’t feel guilty!” Of course, I did feel guilty. But I still appreciated her telling me to enjoy my time away. Sometimes you really need it!

Angela Bahng

I wish I had believed my mother when she would promise me that someday, I would also say “Because I said so” when my kids asked “WHY?” about Every. Single. Thing. I swore that would never be the case and that I would be the kind of mother who LISTENED to their children! To give her credit, she rarely says “I told you so” as I’m shouting “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” to my own kids

Tracey Becker

My mother is my biggest supporter and so I should have listened to her advice: Wear a great bra. I spent my 20s as a wannabe hippie and didn’t (wear a bra, that is). At close to 70, her girls are as perky as could be. Mine, well, they still need a lot of support.

Pamela Valentine

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