The Little Style File helps Chicago families stay fashionable

Some moms are born to shop and style their babies. And others-like me-enter a store, get overwhelmed, and make a mental note never to do that again. Ever. But simply refusing to shop becomes difficult because, well, kids can’t wander around naked these days.

Thankfully, there’s a new Chicago company that appears to have been created specifically for shopping-phobic moms. And since I’ve got a photoshoot set up for my daughters that’s less than a month away-but no clothing for anyone-I contacted the owners of The Little Style File to see if they could help.

Here’s how it works: You fill out a quick questionnaire about your family’s style (I wanted trendy, fun, coordinated, relatively inexpensive outfits), and for $40 for the first look and $20 per additional look, they’ll send you an email with photos and links to outfits for your family so you can buy them without stepping foot in a shop.

Kristin Cheuvront and Betsy Breuer, the co-founders of The Little Style File, answered a few questions regarding how to style your family for a photoshoot.

What are your best tips for choosing outfits for family photoshoots?

Let each person in the family’s personality shine through. Pick outfits that compliment the photoshoot location and accessorize-even the kids. Hats, ties, headbands, adorable shoes, jewelry can make a photo.

Is there anything we should avoid (too many patterns, too matchy)?

We think everyone should have their own individual look and patterns should compliment, not compete.

How can parents find outfits for their kids’ shoots that are coordinated but not identical?

Go with a favorite color and base the outfits off that. Or look on your favorite sites for a `family outfits’ section and pull pieces from the same collection.

What should parents wear for the shoots? Should they match the kids?

Parents don’t need to fade into the background. Wear prints and colors that reflect your own style and make you feel confident. That confidence will show in your pictures.

Where do you get your inspiration for styling?

From our kids and what they love, magazines, television, event locations and staying on top of what is in style.

What are your favorite Chicago-area clothing stores?

The Red Balloon and Psycho Baby in Bucktown. Young Tootsies in Barrington is great for kids’ shoes.

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