Letter to Myself

Children love bringing in the mail. We think it’s something about that little red flag. Help your child understand how the mail works firsthand with this activity, which combines writing (or, for young ones, drawing) skills up front with a fun surprise on the back.

Begin by having your child write a letter (for younger kids, this usually means drawing). Put your child’s letter in an envelope. Address the letter to your child. Let your child put a stamp on the envelope. Take your child to a mailbox and let your child put the letter in the mailbox. Let your child check the mail every day until the letter arrives.


Review the steps taken beginning with the letter or drawing…and proceed to when your child opens the mail. This will help your child understand order and sequence.

Skills Learned:

  • Concept Development
  • Sequencing
  • Language Development
  • Learn more

Check back in September for Productive Parenting’s next Activity of the Month, or visit productiveparenting.com for more fun and simple activities customized to the age of your child, newborn to age 5.


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