Lessons learned from an accident

I couldn’t see much, just the ceiling lights in the emergency room as the ER doctors and nurses quickly and cautiously cut my gray cashmere sweater (now soaked in blood) right down the middle so they could carefully take it off me. I was in shock, babbling about running marathons, a to-do list and asking,"How did I get here?”

After about 30 minutes, the doctors assessed that I didn’t have a broken neck, but I had fractured a bone in my face and suffered several very deep cuts, including a completely severed lip.…

As the days went by and my stitches were removed, I began the process of getting my life back to normal. It was difficult to look in the mirror and see the new landscape of my face, so I decided to wait a few weeks before I really examined the damage. Instead, I concentrated on my family and home life. I spent extra time putting my sons to bed at night and my dog enjoyed the extra brushing and petting.

What I discovered in my tender family moments was that, amidst the busy schedules and running around, we were all very happy.… How did all of these layers of my life start to pile up? When did pregnancy turn into boo-boo kisser, story reader, ride-a-bike teacher, room mother, cookie maker, homework queen and work-from-home media company owner?

… I’ve always known that being a mother has given me membership to the greatest club in the world. But what the accident on that snowy January day gave me was a sharp reminder that by simply loving and being with your kids, you are a Super Mom.

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