Chicago company creates Lego set of “Breaking Bad meth lab

If I say “With only three episodes remaining …” and you don’t immediately know I’m talking about “Breaking Bad” stop reading, you won’t be interested.

Chicago-based toy company Citizen Brick has created a custom Lego set wholly not suitable for your children. It’s a meth lab. But not just any meth lab. It’s the Superlab in the basement of Gus’s industrial laundry facility.

Detail for detail it captures the scene, the red floor, the metal stairs and a few barrels of chemicals for your minifigs to cart around. And don’t worry about trying to find the perfect minifig to play out your tiny plastic drama. They’ve included minifigs of Walter, Gus and Mike (Sorry Jesse, maybe they’ll immortalize you as a minifig after the season’s over.)

The set retails for $250 and a note on the website advises it can take up to four to five weeks for it to be compiled by hand and shipped. So if you order today you probably won’t be able to have it sitting on the table while you watch the final moments of the show.

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