Learning Resources: Count me in

There’s pretty good perks to being a little kid, namely that learning is fun. And, since apathy doesn’t kick in until at least junior high, why not take advantage of that wee sense of wonder with an array of educational games disguised as super cool toys from Learning Resources?

They specialize in hands-on resources made for educators, but there’s no reason why the teaching can’t continue at home, particularly when there’s a whole line of aptly named Smart Snacks with everything from simulated trail mix to cookies to cupcakes to ice cream to help little learners understand new concepts via lacing, sorting, counting and identifying colors.

Sharing and imaginative play make their Pretend & Play series like the Doctors Kit and Bakery set ideal for sharpening socio-behavorial skills, and a great majority of the games and sets focus on spatial, motor and occupational functions that make for great therapeutic aids for children with special needs.

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