Learning Curve: You have the floor

Spending all your time in one place can be a good thing, say, if you’re a stationary bike or a statue, but when it comes to babies, being in one position can be problematic.

Experiencing the world from floor level is critical for early development, and can help avoid challenging conditions like plagiocephaly (flattening of the head) and torticollis (tightened neck muscles).

However, as I’m sure most babies would tell you if they could talk from the get-go, the floor, that Boppy and the same old blanket get boring after five minutes.

Instead of being placed directly on the hard floor, Learning Curve came up with the Lamaze Spin & Explore Sea Gym as a way for baby to “surf” while gently spinning and turning on an elevated base.

This in turn, gives little ones a chance to stretch and strengthen their neck muscles while building their upper body strength – all of which are important physical skills and muscle groups for rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

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