Let’s learn, baby, learn


FISHER-PRICE: EXPLORE THE RAINFOREST: DISCOVERING COLORS, by Lucy Rosen, illustrated by Sue Hendra, HarperCollins, $7.99; ages 6 months-3 years.

The rainforest is a very colorful place. On each page an object is mentioned and as the wheel is turned the animals and insects change colors. Children will be able to recognize the color along with the word as they move the wheel around.

MONKEY’S SURPRISE: DISCOVERING NUMBERS& COUNTING, by Lucy Rosen, HarperCollins, $7.99; ages 6 months-3 years.

Monkey is looking for bananas for his party. The animals discover one more to count on each page. Besides learning to count, children will learn number recognition and animal identity.

EVEN FIREFIGHTERS GO TO THE POTTY: A POTTY TRAINING LIFT-THE-FLAP STORY, by Wendy Wax and Naomi Wax, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin, Simon& Schuster, $7.99; ages 2-4.

If it is toilet training time in your house, this story will give the participants a good chuckle. Do you ever wonder why you have to wait in the doctor’s office so long? It is probably because the doctor had to use the bathroom. You wonder why the waiter hasn’t been to your table yet? It is probably because the waiter has to make a bathroom visit and also is shown washing his hands. Although most of the employees listed in the book are male workers, children will get a kick out of seeing them visit the bathroom.

 ABC3D, by Marion Bataille, Roaring Brook, $19.95; ages 2-5.

A variety of techniques are used in displaying the letters of the alphabet. C slides into D and E slides to F. O and P become Q and R with a simple overlay page. V changes to W with a mirror image. This alphabet book will be enjoyed for a long time.

10 THINGS I CAN DO TO HELP MY WORLD: FUN AND EASY ECO-TIPS, by Melanie Walsh, Candlewick, $15.99; ages 3 and up.

The light bulb on the cover and the black first page is a reminder to us to turn off lights when we leave a room. Children are doing well these days as part of the environmental effort. Each page poses an example. When the page is turned, it shows the solution. The book presents kid-friendly ways for children to understand environmental issues.

CLACKERS: DUCK and CLACKERS: BUNNY, illustrated by Luana Rinaldo, Robin Corey Books, $5.99; ages 0-3.

What fun these sturdy board books are for the smallest hands. Each has a hole in the top made for little fingers to carry the book. When the book is wiggled it makes a clacking sound. Bunny bounces around meeting a lamb and a bird to learn how they sound. In Duck, we learn what is found in and around a pond. Bee and Fish are also in the Clackers series.

 PEEKABOO, BUNNY!, illustrated by Linda Karl, Golden Books, $4.99; ages 0-3.

Most children have heard the story of Pat the Bunny. Now they can lift the flaps of this board book to help Bunny find animals that hide around the house. Then the tables are turned and the other animals have to find Bunny. The story will help children identify many other items as they open doors, lift covers and peek in hampers.

MOMMY CALLS ME MONKEYPANTS, by J. D. Lester, illustrations by Hiroe Nakata, Robin Corey Books, $7.99, ages 0-3.

What animal mom would nickname her baby Peekaboo? If you guessed a kangaroo, you would be right. The little girl doesn’t know why her mom calls her Monkeypants but I know you will when you look at the picture on the cover of this board book. Children will enjoy the mother-and-child interaction.

 PETER RABBIT SNUGGLE, by Beatrix Potter, Warne, $14.99, ages 0-2.

As the title suggests, a little one might just want to snuggle with this cloth book. The cover is flannel with a stitched title and appliqué rabbit. This is part of a new series of environmentally friendly Peter Rabbit Naturally Better books. Also included in this new collection is one for parents to record baby’s memories.

 BABY NOSE TO BABY TOES, by Vicky Ceelen, Random House, $7.99; ages 0-4.

Pictures of babies and animals are featured. Children will enjoy looking at the picture of a baby monkey sucking his thumb.

Judy Belanger is Chicago Parent’s children’s book reviewer and a retired elementary learning resource center teacher with four grandchildren. She continues to substitute in grades K-6.

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