Leaf Mobile

Turn the leaves in your yard into an eye-catching work of art.


  1. Collect fresh leaves and two nicely shaped branches, each abouttwo feet long.Place the leaves between two pieces of paperinside of a heavy book and let them dry for three days.
  2. If you want your mobile to last longer than a few days, you maywant to apply an acrylic spray to preserve the leaves (this is alsoan adults-only job).Let the application dry completely beforeattaching the leaves.Another option is to iron leaves betweenwax paper (see instructions above) and trim the wax paper aroundthe shape of the leaf.
  3. Once you have your leaves assembled and ready for hanging, usea hole punch to carefully make a hole in each leaf.
  4. Secure the two branches together with some string, making surethat they are balanced.
  5. Hang the leaves from the branches of the mobile with pieces ofstring. Use another piece of string to hang the mobile from a hookto showcase your creation.


  • Two tree branches
  • string
  • leaves
  • hole punch
  • Optional: acrylic spray, iron, wax paper, kitchen towel.
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