Former gourmet food-loving Chicago mom finds inspiration with new meal delivery service

Not long ago, I was a mother of seven in law school, and also working full-time in downtown Chicago. After the long commute back to the western ‘burbs every evening, I had very little left in me to prepare a meal for my family of nine.

A former “foodie,” I found myself aimlessly wandering the frozen food aisle on my way home like a zombie, throwing random boxes of fatty, fried nonsense into my cart.

And my kids were thrilled.

They didn’t object to eating mozzarella sticks and corndogs for dinner. If it was shaped like something fun, we ate it. If it involved a sauce packet, we ate it. If it contained no fresh produce whatsoever, we ate it. Shocking that I narrowly missed out on the mother of the year award during all three years of law school.

But, a yellow dinner out of a blue box is what the babysitter is supposed to feed my fellas, not me. I used to make mac-n-cheese with Gouda, folks. I’m so fancy.

Gone are my days of caramelizing something; I have Little Caesar’s on speed dial.

Enter the only thing that can restore me to my former gourmet mommy glory: I checked out the website and fell in love with my fairy godmother: a chef who claims, “I can drop these meals off to you in freezable containers that can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer with assembly and warming instructions.”

Homemade Lasagna, Chicken Pad Thai, Beef Stew, Chicken with Vegetables? Prepared by someone else? And brought to my door? Done, done and done.

So, I am going to check this out. I encourage you to, also. I’m not afraid to bring in a ringer if it means a lock on the mother of the year award. 2014 is my year.

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