Pinned it! Tried it! Loved it!: Arm knitting

About 10 years ago, I learned a very basic form of knitting using needles and a skein of yarn. I made about 2,000 scarves and then lost touch with the practice. Recently, a friend started sharing more about her crocheted and knit pieces and it sparked my interest again.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found a post on arm knitting. Using your arms and wrists as the needles, you could create some lovely pieces like cowls, scarves, even blankets in the time it takes you to watch a television program. I was a bit skeptical so I decided to test this out. (A while back the trend was finger knitting).

I chose some bulky yarn from Michaels in three different colors to create the bulky soft look that the picture promised. I opened a movie on Netflix and set to work creating. After pulling out a few mis-threads, I opted to keep going and eventually created a beautiful infinity scarf (albeit extremely long since I seemed to get very carried away!) The length ended up being positive though considering the fact that Snowmaggedon, the Snowpocalypse and hell froze over in the days that followed.

After becoming entranced at how quickly I could create something personal and beautiful, I developed a weekend obsession and set to work creating a few more pieces for myself and others as I tested out different lengths, varying the number of strands and worked on tightening the knits and loops. The process is pretty simple and to begin this video by Vickie Howell is extremely helpful for beginners. Once you start, I promise you won’t stop.

What recent trend have you tried that you love? Have you tried your hand at arm knitting? Share and see more over on our Pinterest page.

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