KitchenSurfing makes hosting a dinner party fun and easy

Hosting a party or even just having friends over for dinner can be very stressful. I confess to having those crazy moments just before guests are scheduled to arrive when items are cooking on the stove, I’m thinking I need to hop in the shower because I’ve been working in a hot kitchen, the timing of my meal is all off, and I’m stashing dirty dishes in the oven so the guests don’t see them piled in your sink.

This weekend, I hosted eight amazing ladies who work and write for Chicago Parent for dinner. In the moments before they arrived, however, I experienced none of that stress and hassle thanks to the magic that is KitchenSurfing.

KitchenSurfing is a great company that connects people with local chefs who come cook delicious food at your house, and leave your kitchen spotless.

They say on their website, “It’s hosting, without the hard parts.” And they’re absolutely right.

Before dinner

When Chef Kristin Koury arrived at my house, it was like the culinary fairy had arrived. She brought all the ingredients, the cookware, and the fun. She was an absolute delight.

It was all so very easy. The hardest part was that she had a tray of individual tiramisu desserts that she popped into a shelf in my refrigerator and I had to refrain from sneaking one out prior to the arrival of my guests. Fear not, I made it. But just barely.

She made the prep incredibly easy, from helping put together a fantastic menu to making sure all allergies had been taken into account to helping me out with wine suggestions.

During dinner

The dinner itself was delicious, and it was so nice to have it in a house. I was so pleased to have friends gathered around my great-grandmother’s table. We controlled the music and pacing, and it just felt cozy.

I realize this makes me seem old, but I find it hard to talk with large groups at loud restaurants. I can often only converse with those seated next to me. If our group had decided to go out, I likely would have missed some great insight and serious laughs provided by the women in attendance. I’m so very glad that we could all really partake in both the deliciousness of both the food and conversation. (We also would have likely spent quite a bit more than the $50/person that KitchenSurfing charges.)

After dinner

Usually the end of a party means that the host faces a mountain of dirty dishes, but not with KitchenSurfing.

When everyone had departed, I returned to my kitchen and it was spotless. It was amazing. The dishwasher that Kristin had loaded was running, and there were a few clean dishes to be put away.

KitchenSurfing does it all, from family style dinners like the one we enjoyed this weekend that are $50 per person, to holiday cocktail parties. Give yourself a break, and your friends a treat, and try them out.

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