Kitchen counter coffee hounds love Keurig

Like most sleep-deprived moms, I’m a coffee hound who craves that fresh morning cuppa like a kid craves a trip to Walt Disney World.

And, like most moms who share that kitchen counter coffee pot with our other half who gets first dibs every day, chugging a microwaved mug of leftovers that tates more like grounds that something good gets old. Fast.

Going high-priced at the local shop is out of the question (and too far to drive), and percolating a whole new pot for just one person seems silly. Then, Keurig turned me on to their Special Edition Brewing System. I love it to the point that I’m considering sending out engraved announcements to all our friends.

The mid-luxury home brewing system offers a blend of styling and convenient features (think chrome accents, a blue backlit LCD display, three brew size options and programmable choices) that make it feel luxe without looking out of place among the kids’ Flintstones vitamins and baby bottles.

Instead of using coffee grounds, filters and pre-measured water, the Brewing System uses these nifty things called K-Cups (they look like large single-serve creamers you find at diners) that come in 100’s of varieties, flavors and brands – even fair trade and organic.

Each K-Cup is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor and brews one perfect, you’ll-think-you-hired-a-barista cup of coffee, tea or cocoa whenever you’re ready to enjoy it. No leftovers warming in a pot. No sharing.

Older kids could even make their old mom a nice hot cup of something. You know, just because every day should feel like Mother’s Day.

Any downsides you ask? Well, just one.

Gourmet coffees and teas aren’t cheap. One box of 22 K-Cups runs about $13.95 and if two people share the box using 2 K-Cups one time a day, one box will last about a week and a half. Compared to our usual economy-sized tin of grounds and paper filters, that’s about two times the price.

Is it worth it? If you love your morning cup like you love your children, then yes. Little luxuries can go a long way to making an ordinary day feel like something special. Besides, you can always cut the costs somewhere else. Don’t eat out so often or sell a few things on Ebay and build up a coffee fund. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Want to know more? Just ask, or explore Keurig here.

Cosmotot does not accept pay for play. Though this article is not a paid placement, I did receive a Special Edition Brewing System and K-Cups from Keurig for my personal use.

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