Kids these days…no, seriously

I’m a child of the digital age…sort of. I remember getting our first classroom computer in second grade, a massive hulking monitor where MS DOS ran in hot green font on a black screen. Mostly we used it to playOregon Trail. Tax dollars well spent.

But by the time I was in high school, the Internet revolution was in full force and the trappings of today’s technology — iPhones, GPS in cars, blanket WiFi — were a reality. I was a relatively early adapter of things and consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy, which will come as welcome news here at Chicago Parent, where I’m basically paid to be tech-savvy.

So this is why I was floored — floored, I say — this weekend when I got out-texted, out-troubleshooted and out-gadgeted by a 6-year-old.

Let me explain.

I was in the suburbs for a friend’s birthday party and her adorable, pigtailed, sequin-wearing niece was there.

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