So your kid started school…but what did you learn?

“Let’s face it, most of us learn the hard way to watch what we say around our preschoolers or they repeat it at school!”

Theresa Schneider

“I learned that the timer is my best friend! I use the timer when it’s time for bed, when it’s time to leave the house, when it’s time to get out of the bath, you name it.”

Lilly Pina

“The biggest lessons I’ve learned from my child’s preschool years are that you are never too old to learn something new, which seemed like I was doing every day!”

Tina Carter-Brown

“I learned the joy of being in the moment.”

Tina Muz

“Be consistent and follow through on things. They will hold you to it! Kids at this age are smarter than they sometimes can express. I had to keep myself in check because they needed me to.”

Emily Kenny

“Kids are all different. You can’t push them; they will let you know what they want to do.”

Michelle Klingen

“I learned how to relax, let go and have fun. I used to sweat a lot of the small stuff, and learned that it is OK if they want to wear their snow boots in the summer, or if their clothes don’t match. The important part of it all was that they were learning, creating and having fun.”

Julie Tremberth

“I found out quickly that my daughter was more self-sufficient than I thought. I was doing things for her out of habit, and she was getting frustrated. And I also learned that you can’t have a soft heart when it comes to time- outs-stay strong, no matter how big the Boo Boo Face!”

Wendy Crowe

“I learned that my son could go to the bathroom on his own, that he’s good at self-directed play, waits patiently for his turn and can put on his own shoes and jacket. When his teacher reported this to me, in front of my son, I looked at her quizzically and asked “Are you sure? My son?” She asked him directly… “Do you still make your mom put on your shoes and jacket?” “Yeah!’ he said earnestly. “I have to let Mama do all that stuff for me, otherwise she’d be real sad…” Oh, so I learned that perhaps I’ve been mothering my only-child son just a bit too much!”

Dreiske Arnold

“That paste tastes better than glue!”

Chris Connelly

“They grow up toooooo fast.”

Debbie Walton

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