Joy Jar

Sometimes everyday things get overlooked in the whirlwind family life and holiday hustle and bustle. So before the feasting stars, take some time this month to really focus your family’s attention on all that you have to be thankful for – especially each other.


  1. Find a large glass jar with a lid that you can reuse as your “joy”
    receptacle. Attach a label and decorate the jar. Get creative with
    ribbons, sequins, stickers or other embellishments.
  2. Keep another smaller jar nearby with strips of paper cut into 1
    1/2-inch by 4-inch strips. Start with about 20 strips of paper in
    the jar, refill as necessary. Use another small jar to hold
    crayons, colored pencils or markers so that all of the supplies are
    ready to go.
  3. When family members feel thankful or appreciative for something in
    their lives, they can write their thoughts on a strip of paper and
    put it in the jar.
  4. When the jar is full, gather together to read the entries aloud
    together as a family.


  • Jar with glass lid
  • craft decorations (sequins, stickers, ribbons)
  • strips of paper, big enough to write a small note on
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