Join the Million Baby Crawl for toxic chemical reform

Did you know that of the 80,000 chemical compounds in use, only 200 have been safety tested by the Environmental Protection Agency? It’s crazy!

Seventh Generation is inviting parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone else who cares about the diaper clad to join the Million Baby Crawl, a virtual march on Washington, D.C. in order to reform the severely outdated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which Congress created 33 years ago.

The goal is to build grassroots support for a bill called the Kid-Safe Chemical Act that Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ) is presenting to Congress over the next month.

The bill would overhaul our nation’s chemical regulatory law and require that industrial chemicals be safe for infants and children. New chemicals would have to be thoroughly tested, and chemical manufacturers would be required to test and prove the safety of untested chemicals already in mainstream market products (and make their findings available to the public).

Affect change, help urge Congress to pass stricter safety standards for chemicals and generally get on your big mama bear soapbox by joining. Not only can you create your very own crawler (they’re pretty cute actually), but more importantly, you can also learn more about the issues, get the stat facts, and help spread the word. Every crawler represents another voice added to in support of reform.

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