I did it!

Every parent remembers and treasures their child’s firsts—their first smile, their first taste of cereal, their first step. But for parents with children with special needs, those firsts often take on special meaning because they carry so much hope for a brighter future. This year, Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region collaborated with the College of DuPage photography department for its 9th annual photography exhibition to celebrate those firsts. Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit at Easter Seals’ Rosalie Dold Center, 830 S. Addison Ave., Villa Park.

What we did

1. Zachary jumped up from the ground for the first time. Photo: Ann Mehrman

2. Ryan walked by himself in a walker. Photo: Peter Maslowski 

3. Billy and MacKenna lend a helping hand at the Lily Garden to their friends with special needs. Photo: Jennifer Schlesinger

4. Yazmine stood up straight in her walker and held up her head to look at her dog. Photo: Amanda Grabenhofer

5. Renee drank from a cup and ate solid foods. Photo: Michelle Geoga

6. Nolan can roll, crawl and take independent steps. Photo: Nathan Berardi

7. Caroline learned sign language and how to say a few words. Photo: Santokh Kochar
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