Inspire the kids to banish clutter

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1. If you need to transform your children’s bedroom into a guest-friendly suite, plan ahead so your kids don’t feel banished. Inspire them to play a little game of organization and offer a prize to the fastest clutter-buster on the block. Next, help your kids set up a slumber fort in the basement or home office.

2. The holiday season is the perfect time to teach your kids the benefits of giving gifts. Label three boxes: one for items to keep, another for toys and clothes to toss and a third for belongings to donate. Spend a few minutes helping your kids get started and then let them take over in a spirit of holiday cheer.

3. Kids love a little craftiness during the holidays. Just don’t tell them they’ll be cleaning up at the same time. Head to the local craft store and pick up a few shadow boxes with fabric-covered backing and a collection of pins or a couple bottles of glue. At home, gather a stack of old photos, ribbon, broken ornaments, buttons, trinkets, dried flowers and holly (among a slew of other possibilities). With some supervision, your kids can arrange the items into a series of collages for friends or family members.

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