The Infamous Girls’ Weekend

I’ve been hearing tales of girls only trips to Vegas and South Beach and New York City for years now. You know what I’m talking about. A batch of girlfriends, old or new, leaving their kids and husbands behind to re-kindle their girlie playfulness, pulling the ponytail out, and really letting loose for a few days….with a slew of Facebook pictures to post afterward, giving proof of their “rockin” time.

I’ve always found the idea of a girls’ weekend intriguing, but also a little horrifying. Because with all of the tales of fantastic-ness, there were usually a few stories of girl-on-girl drama as well. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a severe allergic reaction to girl drama. Especially when it comes to girls over the age of 35. It’s just whack.

Despite the risk of too much female hormone in one place, I still wanted to experience this modern mom phenomenon for myself. And this past weekend I got my shot.

My girlfriends and I in NYC with everyone’s favorite BFF Gayle King.

I met a batch of girlfriends in New York for O, The Oprah Magazine’s 10 Year Anniversay party. Oprah was scheduled to do her Friday show LIVE at Radio City Music Hall and I gathered two old Highschool pals and two new social media pals, and begged them to meet me in NYC. And they did. And it was a blast. And we have Facebook pictures to prove it.

We saw the big show, went out to fun restaurants, drank pink drinks, rode 100 miles an hour through Times Square on a rickshaw, laughed til we cried, and discovered our 14 year old selves all over again. And not a single punch was thrown. Unless you count the bar brawl we witnessed Saturday night.

My husband had to come to the city for work at the last minute, and met up with us briefly here and there but he very graciously let me have my girl fest in all it’s glory.

There truly is something beyond great about being away from home with a bunch of girls. There’s a shift that happens when you’re surrounded by giddy estrogen, high heels, and Cosmos. An inner awakening of the part of you that loved slumber parties and doing madlibs at 2 in the morning, and trying on your BFF’s clothes. And I miss that part of my girlhood self, just a little.

So ladies, I’m here to let you know that the girls’ weekend is actually all it’s cracked up to be. Just be sure to invite no-drama-girls to your slumber party, and your home free.

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