Indulge your candy cravings

If your sweet tooth demands nothing less than gourmet gummies, jolly jelly beans, cheeky chocolates or perhaps something a little more retro, Candyality has you covered. Housing more than 150 different bulk candies, the family-run sweetshop has a mission—”uncover their customer’s universal connection with confection.”

“I love candy,” says Terese McDonald, owner and self-proclaimed"soul mate of Willy Wonka.” The candy connoisseur came across the idea of guessing people’s personalities based on their candy choices as she was trying to find a new way to teach skills to sales people. Although there is no true scientific validity to it, McDonald has found her candy philosophy is something fun to discuss with her customers.

The shop has more than 30 flavors of Jelly Belly beans, several different gummy varieties—including Cubbie Gummies that will be available throughout the baseball season—and a large selection of retro candies."I take a lot of pride in my retro collection,” says the Chicago mom. A few of her retro candies include Skybars, Chuckles, Idaho Spuds and her biggest seller, the Moon Pie.

For McDonald, the stories behind the candies themselves are a big part of her love for her business."People have the best stories when they come in about the different candies.”

Candyality is located at 3425 N. Southport Ave, Chicago. For more information, call (773) 472-7800 or visit the Web site,, which launches June 1.

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