Ice Cream Vendors Sunday at Noon at Beat Kitchen

ChiIL Out with ChiIL Mama as Beat Kitchen Concerts for kids kicks off 2012 with another fun all ages show this Sunday, Jan. 8 at noon.

What’s more chiIL than ice cream? And this tasty treat is no-cal….as The Ice Cream Vendors band dish out tasty tunes for birth through 10 year olds and their parents.

While the way under agers rock out, those over 21 can drink some of the best bloody marys in town, sing along and dance with their littles! ChiIL Mama is stoked to be a sponsor of Beat Kitchen’s Concerts for Kids this year. We have loads of great kindie shows coming up. Check out the line up through May, and mark your calendars. Shows are just $6, every Sunday at noon, are geared toward birth-10 year olds with parents, and are open to all ages. Every week we give away a free family 4 pack of tickets at ChiIL, so enter like we vote in Chi, IL…early and often.

*Jan. 15 is a very special Little Miss Ann Concert CD RELEASE PARTY!!

**Jan. 29 is a multiband, 4 hour, activity filled Winter Fest for only $8!! ChiIL Mama will be there in person with a rock n roll photo booth and “instrument petting zoo” for your punk kin.

Check out and ChiIL Mama’s YouTube Channel for loads of live concert footage from Beat Kitchen and beyond, band video interviews, still photos from shows, and upcoming concert updates. We also give away a family 4 pack of tickets to every Sunday’s show. Enter through midnight every Monday. Winners are announced on Free Ticket Tuesday.

About the Ice Cream Vendors-Off their Facebook Site: it’s hard to believe the unique musical institution known as The Ice Cream Vendors was originally conceived over twenty years ago. What was founded in friendship has over time produced several cassette tapes and a CD, live performances with a full band and horn section, and a road-less-traveled approach to songwriting that has become the pride of Westmont, IL.

The Ice Cream Vendors (ICV), made up of longtime pals Jon Kostal and Greg Barnett, is not just a musical duo but a mysterious life force. Topics include absurd musings about high school janitors, edible birds, deep-sea divers without limbs, and a boy with a plant growing out of his head. More stream of consciousness than satire, ICV is interested in taking the stranger-than-fiction world we inhabit and turning it on its head; that the lyrics tend to reflect ordinary, everyday occurrences only points out the Neo-Dada genius of two guys who never indulged the self-loathing irony so often found in modern pop. Perhaps ICV trombonist Mike Kinnavy put it best: “When you hear ICV singing about riding to a jazz band meeting in the rain, that’s exactly what was happening.”

Like many bands, ICV had a great first run, but eventually sought hiatus due to the pressure of college pursuits, jobs, relationships, and the practical challenge of long distance. Though the group never officially disbanded, songwriting endeavors were put on long-term hold as Jon and Greg got older and gradually settled into domestic bliss. For nearly 15 years ICV sat dormant, much like a paralyzed scuba diver figurine slowly collecting algae at the bottom of a lonely tank.

In early 2010, when the prospect of an ICV reunion performance came knocking, Jon and Greg realized it was at long last time to consider bringing their wet-suited muse to surface. With the encouragement of friends and former band mates, plus newfound confidence instilled by live dates at an outdoor music festival and Christmas parade, ICV began diligently working on songs for a new CD. At present we are just months away from ICV’s first studio release in over a decade, one that promises to be darker, funkier, and more abstract than Jackson Pollock getting over with a gallon of rocky road. Featuring a brave new arsenal of digital gadgetry and over 20 combined years of life experience culled from the most remote fringes of the Information Superhighway, ICV tackles the modern age with poise and finesse. More stories. More Westmont. More Atari. More Speak & Spell. More Dog Barks. More bizarre. More better than ever. Check ’em out at Reverbnation

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