How Chicago moms can hula hoop their way healthy

Watching your kids Hula-Hoop through the summer brings back fond memories. Ever wish you could grab a hoop and join them?

Hula-Hoops have taken a modern turn for grown-up fitness. New Hula-Hoops are designed for adult waists, and Hoopnotica classes are popping up around Chicagoland.

Naturally, the first step in your hula journey is finding the right hoop. Lori Smerz, a St. Charles mom and certified Hoopnotica instructor, says that the height of the Hula-Hoop should be measured to your body. When held up, the hoop should reach between your navel and ribcage.

Also, the weight of the hoop needs to counter your own, so those kiddie hoops at Target won’t do you any good. Smerz recommends a hoop that weighs 1-2 pounds, since weighted hoops may cause damage to the spine.

Then it’s just a matter of letting your past Hula-Hooping take over: Swing your hips and make that hoop spin.

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