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There’s nothing like the excitement surrounding the choices of what to be on Halloween. Parents shared a few of their kids’ great ideas for costumes at Here are just a few:

“With four kids, I like to go with a theme so the entire family‘matches.’ This year’s theme is story book characters. Going from youngest to oldest, a princess, Rainbow Fish, Clifford and Captain Underpants. It will probably change a zillion times, but for now that’s what we are going with.”

Emily Kenny

“So far this year I have one wanting to be a fried egg, one a gumball machine, one a chewed piece of gum and the other a squished bug. Since we usually make our own costumes, this should be quite interesting.”

Robyn Westfallen

“We are so excited for Halloween! My youngest is going to be a pirate and my oldest doesn’t know what he wants to be yet. He usually changes his mind about 10 times before Halloween.”

Heather Holtz

“The older one, 5, wants to be an astronaut just because that’s what he spends half his time talking about lately. The younger one, 10 months, is going to be a zebra, because he’s got no say in the matter yet. Heck, he doesn’t even know what a zebra is. The joy of hand-me-downs!”

Bill Pardue

“My 3-year-old daughter who has just discovered and fallen in love with the‘Wizard of Oz’ is going as Dorothy. Grandma has already started sewing the dress and we are on the look out for the red ruby slippers and a basket with Toto. (My daughter) has said she will not dress up as anything scary because she does not want to scare the little kids, like she is so big herself. LOL.”

Delia Canino

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