3 beauty tips to improve your morning routine

If you have never used the #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag without irony, you can relate.

As a mom, I get my kids ready first, then focus on myself for whatever time is left before GO time. Often, I leave the house with wet hair and a bag full of makeup to hastily apply while parked in the carpool line. Over time, I have discovered a few ways to get out the door fast and not look like I rolled out of bed. Once you find what works for you, be confident in your style and leave the stress behind!

Multitasking makeup

Pick a product that has more than one use. I heard about IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream from a friend and tried a sample size. Much to my complete amazement, this hides my dark circles, evens out my skintone and keeps my skin hydrated. I then apply a Cream Blusher Stick to my cheeks to add some color—two dots on the apples, then I use the edge of the stick to add lines up my cheeks and blend. MUCH more precise and efficient than the whole powder-brush-blush song and dance, and you can use it as a lip color as well.

I smear an eyeshadow stick color on my lids (Sephora makes a great waterproof one) and add mascara super close the roots (wiggle to deposit near the lash line to simulate a liner) and swipe up.

Under 5 minutes and I can face the world.

Save the hair style

I used to wash and style my fine hair every day, but this caused two issues: I was always in a frantic rush and my anxiety transferred to my kids. I now wash it every other day by using a few tricks: I use dry shampoo before I go to sleep to soak up oil overnight and use a silk pillowcase to cut down on crazy bed head so I can mainly brush and go.

My gal pal who has kinky, coarse hair spritzes her roots with dry shampoo the morning of, making sure to spray 6 inches away so excess product doesn’t build. She also swears by silk pillowcases. They don’t absorb the much-needed oil in her hair like cotton does, and they reduce breakage.

Bonus: Silk helps minimize facial wrinkles.

Out the door outfit

A few times I have been caught in pajamas for school drop-off, thinking I wouldn’t have to get out of the car. Those are inevitably the days that my children’s teachers need to chat.

After an impromptu meeting in polka dot PJ pants and a T-shirt that read “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty,” I vowed to put a little more effort into my morning look.

A basic blazer is my secret super power; I keep it in my car and put it on over jeans and a T-shirt to look instantly polished. It pairs well over too-revealing tops and hides bra straps peeking out from a tiny tank.

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