How to create yarn butterflies

The buds are bursting and spring is ready to arrive. Encourage that return to warmth by making your own beautiful and bright yarn butterflies. Then before you know it, those beautiful butterflies will also return to your gardens!


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Yarn, in various colors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small beads


  1. Put two Popsicle sticks into an X shape. Tie your first color of yarn around the center X and then begin to wind and wrap the yarn around the center of the X to hold it securely in place. Weave in and out and then around.
  2. Select a second color of yarn and start on one wing by doing a figure eight pattern between the two sticks. Tie off the thread at the end and tuck the loose piece under others. Repeat on the opposite wing.
  3. Fold a pipe cleaner in half vertically around the center of the butterfly, with the wings to the side. Wrap the bottom together and near the top, twist once or twice to secure.
  4. Add small beads to the top and bottom as desired. Twist the two top pieces of the pipe cleaner into antennas.
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