6 apps that can help keep your home clean (and your mind sane)

Whether you’ve got the spring cleaning itch or you’ve caught the Marie Kondo bug, we’ve got you covered with even more inspiration to get your life in order. Be the CEO of your household and outsource like a mother (or father). We’ve curated a list of apps that will make you breathe a sigh of relief because you’ll be saving so much sweet time!

For the Type A Personality


Their mantra is “OurHome is your home made easy.” Available on iOS, Android and web, OurHome is the perfect app for keeping chores under control. With it, you can create lists of chores to do, select the regularity you do them and mark them when they’re complete. You can even assign chards and reward for the responsibility. Since the app knows we’re forgetful, it sends us reminders when we haven’t checked off a certain chore. So stop nagging your partner to do XYZ, let the app do that. Not only does it track chores, but the app also syncs calendars, simplifies shopping lists and more!


Are your little monsters wreaking havoc on your home? Get them to do their part in keeping your home presentable. Chore charts are a thing of the past, now with the help of an interactive monster (aka them), they are prompted to complete certain tasks. They will receive reminders that are overdue. Finish your task and they’re rewarded with points. Dupe them into doing what you want by adding gamification to their tasks.


Remember in the movie “Clueless” when Cher had this futuristic way to combine effortless looks in a matter of seconds? Well, you too can master your (and your family’s) look without pulling your hair out. This app organizes all your clothes by color, pattern and more to pull together looks in real-time or schedule ahead and sync it to your calendar. Need some inspiration? Don’t sweat it, there are over 135+ fashion bloggers’ daily outfits for you (and they’re based on the local weather). This app is free and it’s available on Android and iOS.

For the Too-Busy Outsourcers


Your reliable one-stop shop for literally anything you can imagine from heavy duty cleaning (aka the wine stain on your new rug), putting together furniture, planting a new garden, or standing in line at a restaurant or store (seriously, this is a legit task). With over 140,000 vetted taskers are at your service, your home can be spotless, groceries in your fridge and a new wall mural hanging in all its glory. So, get inspired and hire someone to come put together that 3,000 part toy kitchen that you want to surprise your child with, whatever the task, there is someone eager to help you out and at an affordable price. Available on iOS, Android and web.


Did you watch Mr. Belvedere as a child and wonder, “how do these people afford this man to wait on them hand and foot?!” Well, if you’re a 1%-er, maybe this isn’t too far-fetched. For the rest of us, Alfred is here to the rescue! Alfred is your trusted home manager and their mantra is “Come Home Happy.” If you like the sound of that, then read on. With handwritten notes and very personalized service, your Client Manager aka Alfred will go above and beyond for a signature experience daily. This on-demand service is via iOS, Android and web,


Wouldn’t it be awesome to just snap your fingers and like magic your laundry list of to-do’s would disappear? Well, there’s an app for that. And it is magic—a 24/7 personal assistant that you can text. Maybe you need cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes, a locksmith because you locked yourself out, or someone to run a lunch over to your kid because they forgot one. Whatever your task, as long as it’s legal, someone will respond in within seconds. With simple pricing (.59/minute), no monthly fees, no minimums, pay only for what you use and cancel anytime. Get started on the web or by texting 83489 (U.S. only).

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