Honey Bee Expo at Morton Arboretum

When we see a bee flying around nearby, most of us head in the other direction. But the Morton Arboretum would like to change that by introducing families to all the good things bees do for our planet.

On Sept. 7-8, the Arboretum will host the Honey Bee Expo featuring a family bee hike, a beehive tour and a celebration of Happy Bee-Day in the Children’s Garden.

Why celebrate bees? “Because you’ll find out how dependent our area is on bees,” says Jenelle Hardtke, special events manager at Morton. “A life without bees is a life we wouldn’t want. They really have a lot to contribute to our existence.”

During the family hike, kids can learn all about honey bees and their favorite flowers, plus sample Arboretum honey. The Children’s Garden activities include making bee masks, meeting a real beekeeper and checking out some beehives.

And not to worry-these bees aren’t looking to munch on their human visitors. “The majority of the bees are in the hives,” Hardtke says. “These are pollinating bees so there’s not much chance of getting stung.”

Visit the website for a schedule of events, cost and to preregister for the events that require it.

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