4 easy DIY projects to try with kids

DIY projects have been gaining popularity more and more. There are projects all over the web, whether it’s creating fun crafts with things you already have around the house or repurposing something old to make it new again. DIY-ing is also a fun and affordable way to entertain your kids. I’m always looking up new projects for the kids to do to get their little minds working. They love hands-on activities and frankly, so do I!

Searching the web for ideas can be overwhelming and confusing. Hometalk is a fun website that helps narrow down your search. Homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, bloggers, moms and more can share their ideas with the community through pictures and detailed explanations of projects. The posts range from DIY décor and crafts to gardening and plumbing.

Here are just a few of my favorite DIYs that you may want to try with your kids:

Paper bag flooring

Have your kids save their brown paper bags from lunch! This idea is genius if you’re looking to renovate on a budget. The project actually costs less than $80 since there are so many supplies left over. The poster, Ashley, estimates it to really cost only around $30 to make your floor look unique and polished.

Repurposing an old wooden bench with napkins

Who would have thought that you can use napkins to make a bench look so pretty. Talk about another inexpensive makeover that you can get the kids involved in. There are so many projects you can try: multi-napkins for a kids bench, themed napkins for personalized benches. The ideas are endless!

Polymer clay veggie and fruit magnets

Like many parents, my fridge has a ton of magnets on it. Plain boring magnets. So when I saw these food magnets and how easy they are to make, I put them on my to-do list to try with my kids. Food magnets are pretty pricey if you’ve ever been to a tourist shop, so you can definitely save money by making your own. I can see my son wanting to try to make Ninja Turtle magnets, too! You can also make these for the holidays and give them away as gifts.

Bubble Paint Flower Hydrangeas

Make your kids feel like they are professional artists by trying this DIY bubble paint. These hydrangeas look so pretty and realistic. Who knew blowing bubbles could be a work of art.

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